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All Immortalitatiis have the following in common

  • They do not require blood to survive , however it does increase their power and strength greatly. If you wish to be one of the most powerful then drinking blood is the only way to stay at the top. Animal blood is less potent than Human thus it does not give the same effect.

Side Effects of drinking human blood
~ Addiction , Human blood is like a drug, it additive and has it's downsides
~ Feeding more than three times a day can lead to a blood lust in which they lose control and attack anything
~ Heightened senses even more so than usual
~ Heightened Emotions

Garlic , Sunlight , Crosses , Holy water do nothing to hurt them. Try any of these and you may make one die of laughter ?.

Immortalitatis can be hurt by mainly alchemy sources such as Vampire Oil , Vervain , Sage. Fire also hurts them but won't kill them.

They can heal from anything including decapitation , depending on the wounds it can take centuries to heal , if bad enough they can die if not aided by another of their kind.

Immortalititas are said to have another form , a far more demonic one

This form is normally the result of incredible rage , not something the vampire can call on at ease. In this form it's best to run. It is pure blood lust a trait gained from years of drinking human blood. Pacem do not have this ability due to their non drinking blood ways .

This is all currently known about these creatures , as more is discovered i will contain the information here

Be safe

~ Andraste


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