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They appeared so long ago , not even I know from where they come. I just know they are not from this world nor do they abide by our rules. We have come to know them as Immortalitatis , The immortal ones for they do not age and do not die. It is said only another of their kind can truly kill them.

You may be wondering who I am , My name is Andraste and I am a Sorceress whom will tell you all you need to know so that you may survive the oncoming slaughter.

Their are three types of Immortalitatis you must know about

The Pacem , are the peaceful ones , they wish only to live along side us.
The Concilium are very different, they live by their own laws. The Concilium are in clans led each by a Lord or Lady. The Lord or Lady is apart of the council which serve the Altiorem
The Altiorem are the highest of the vampires of the oldest clan led currently By the Mistress Isabella Van Der Eretein. The equivilent being a queen only to them it is much different.

These are not the vampire of legend but follow different laws and garlic is simply distasteful. But more on that later.

But the Immortalitatis are not the only ones to fear for now the Hunters of the Immortalitatis have created an equally dangerous creature. The Werewolves. Led in separate packs with no hierarchy they have proved to be just as blood thirsty.

Then their are us humans , a few of us witches remain gifted with magic. I am the last coven mistress to guide them.
Most of us are mortals , not entirely helpless some have joined the Hunters who call themselves the guardians of the light. Some say they are good but i think as a group they are as dangerous as anything else.

Halflings are also now present, they perhaps are the worst, many tainted with madness , no hierarchy and driven by lust and power.

Their are humans who serve all of these mysterious beings. Some are well treated others not so much

Who are you and what side do you take


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